Finding the right lender and the right mortgage loan for your situation is an important consideration in your home buying process. There are many different lenders and mortgage products to choose from. Even if you have a lender you have worked with before, we recommend that you interview several lenders before deciding who you want to go with for this home purchase.

We’ve spent years developing relationships with lenders that we work well with and trust. Download the Smart Living Directory of Lenders for updated contact information for these professionals.

Curious about just how much house you can afford to buy?


What type of loan is best? A good lender will answer by wanting to know more about your situation before recommending which loan will best fit your current needs. Beware those who push their product without finding out more about YOU first.


What are interest rates and what other costs will be associated with this loan? It is important not just to compare interest rates, but also the annual percentage rate (APR), includes the interest rate and other loan fees you have to pay. All these costs will be included on the Good Faith Estimate (GFE) which encourages consumers to compare fees from various lenders before choosing a mortgage.

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What additional costs will I be expected to pay? Most loans include costs required by third party vendors, such as appraisal (usually around $450), credit report (usually $20 to $30), title company closing fees (around $200), etc. These costs will also be included on the GFE.

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Are you equipped to approve loans in-house? Ask if they can handle their own underwriting. Loan underwriters review loans and issue conditions before approving or rejecting a loan. Banks and Mortgage Companies that have their own underwriters are usually able to process loans much more quickly. Note: VA and FHA loans typically take longer to process.