My husband and I recently hired Renee Frank and the Smart Living Team to sell our home. We found Renee to be extremely professional and helpful. She went above and beyond to make sure that our “green” home was priced and marketed correctly according to market. Our home sold fast. When it was time for the appraisal to be ordered, Renee made sure that the correct information was provided to the appraiser to make sure our green certified, solar home was valued appropriately. We would highly recommend this team to anyone that realistically wishes to sell their home!Fred & Vicky Boyles
My husband Jason and I worked with Renee Frank to sell our home in Las Cruces after my husband accepted a job in Colorado Springs, CO that moved us out of state in January 2015. I worked as a newspaper reporter in Las Cruces and, about a year prior to selling our home, had interviewed Renee for the newspaper; she was just stepping in as president of the Las Cruces Association of Realtors. I remember, during the interview, being impressed with how responsive and professional Renee was, as well as how involved in the community she was. I wondered at the time how one person could be so busy and so organized simultaneously. So, when the time came to sell our home, I told Jason, “We need to reach out to Renee Frank.” She had made such an impression on me that I knew using her would be our best option and bring all of those qualities I appreciated and apply them to selling our home. Renee was very helpful and remained very responsive (via calls, texts, emails, and in-person) throughout the process and was very accommodating as well as knowledgeable about the local market and how best to get our home sold. We thoroughly enjoyed Renee as a person and as a realtor. She is an important piece of the Las Cruces community fabric, and we would highly recommend her to anyone buying or selling a home in Las Cruces.Jason and Matlin (Mattie) Carter
I just can’t thank Renee enough for making the process of building my new home easy and exciting!! I had just about given up thinking I could afford a brand new home on my budget when she opened up new possibilities for me. Having been in my house for a little over a month now, I just love living here! Renee, thank you for all your help and knowledge!Ebony Merlos