Does Adding Solar to Your Home Increase its Value?

The answer is YES!
Thousands of solar home sellers in Southern New Mexico can attest that a professionally installed, well-functioning system will definitely add value to your home! Unlike many other features of a home, a solar system that produces renewable energy adds real economic value that can be measured. Savings can be calculated by the amount of electricity your system generates – that is electricity you don’t have to buy from the electric company. A solar system on your home causes your electric meter to turn backwards! 

Renewable energy significantly reduces your dependency on the electric company. Solar homeowners see a significant drop in their electric bills in summer months when ACs are running, and in fall, winter and spring months they often see a credit to their account! Systems can be sized to cover all or a major part of your electricity needs, depending on your budget. Solar systems make good financial sense – they save you money, require little to no maintenance, and they provide a good return on investment. AND, they also positively affect the resale value of your home

Does Adding Solar to Your Home Affect the Sale Time?

Studies show that homes with solar systems SELL FASTER than comparable homes without solar panels. They also sell for a HIGHER PRICE. Because the savings are measurable, buyers understand the benefit. Most solar systems are warrantied to produce energy for a period of 25 years or longer. When a home with solar sells, the ownership of the solar system transfers from the Seller to the Buyer.

Make sure you get all the relevant information from your solar installer, including the specs of your system, and information about the equipment warranties.  The company that installed your solar system can show you how much electricity your system is generating, and how much your are saving. And when it is time to sellm they should help provide information about the transfer of ownership to your buyer. 

Every Realtor® Knows About Solar, Don't They?

Not every Realtor® is solar savvy. It is important to select a Realtor® versed on the benefits of solar systems and how to calculate the value the system adds to a home for resale purposes. There is not a fixed value across the board. Each system differs depending on its size. Renee knows how to document the value of solar for appraisers, so the real value of your solar system is recognized. 

Renee Frank has 10 years of experience properly pricing solar homes for resale. She is a solar homeowner, and truly appreciates the value of these systems. She has experienced first hand the benefits of solar and the high return on investment from energy savings.

If you are thinking about adding solar panels to your home, talk to Renee Frank about the benefits of solar and the value it will add to your home.  If you are buying or selling a home with a solar system – trust the Realtor® that knows how to accurately price solar homes!

Call Renee at 575-496-7727 or email [email protected] 

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